How does Point de Contact handle my report?

Upon receipt of your report, Point de Contact:

  • Checks that the reported content falls within its remit
  • Assesses whether the reported content is potentially illegal under French law.

Content that is potentially illegal under French law is systematically:

  • Located geographically by tracing the IP address
  • Reported to the competent French authorities (Central Office for the Fight against Crime related to Information and Communication Technology, OCLCTIC)
  • Notified to the hosting provider, if the content is located in France
  • Forwarded to a partner of the INHOPE international network, if the content is hosted abroad, and in a country where such a partner is established.

The purpose of Point de Contact's action is twofold:

  • Help remove illegal content from the Internet
  • Enable the judicial authorities, where appropriate, to quickly carry out investigations.

<!> If you provide us with your email address, Point de Contact will automatically inform you of the outcome of your report.


Complaints procedure:

For complaints against hotline staff, you should send a message via the rubric "Contact us" or by email to contact@pointdecontact.net.

You will receive an answer as soon as possible.