When and why was Point de Contact created?

Born of the Internet industry's desire to contribute to the fight against harmful content on the Internet, the Point de
Contact hotline was founded by the French Internet Service Providers Association (AFPI, ex-AFA) in 1998, in order to enable the public to report child pornography material and racial hatred.

In parallel, the European Commission's "Safer Internet Program" enabled as early as 1999 the creation of the INHOPE
international network of hotlines, with AFPI one of its founding members. Since then, the successive European Commission programs have supported AFPI's Point de Contact as well as its European counterparts for their action.

What is the link between the activities of Contact Point and the obligations of AFPI members?

Under the Confidence in the Digital Economy Act of June 21 2004, Internet access and hosting providers are bound by the obligation to:

  • Provide an accessible and visible mechanism allowing anyone to draw their attention to content included in one of the categories of Article 6 I 7, paragraph 3 of the Confidence in the Digital Economy Act ;
  • Promptly inform the competent authorities of any illegal activities mentioned in paragraph 3 of Article 6 I 7 that are reported to them, when originating from a user of their services, i.e. when hosted on their servers ;
  • Make public the means dedicated to fighting these illegal activities.

In parallel, AFPI and its members signed on
June 14 2004 the « Charter against odious content », which defines the contributions of the industry as regards the fight against such content, and makes AFPI's Point Contact the relay of its members' legal obligation.
All of AFPI's members chose to redirect the users of their services to the online reporting  form accessible at www.pointdecontact.net
via a link on their homepage or portal.
In order to enable a better recognition of the numerous commitments included in the Charter, AFPI commissioned the creation of the « Net+sûr » label, which its members display on their portal.


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